Thirty years ago I was a student beginning my academic career at the University of Michigan. I took classes in every subject I could think of, and loved everything. But throughout it all I kept returning to what came naturally – words. Words, writing, and finding the best way to tell each story. I realized that writing, word-crafting and enabling people to “tell their story” was something that I had always loved. I received my BA in English Literature in 1991 at the University of Michigan and quickly completed a Masters Degree in Library and Information Science two years later.┬áSince then I have worked as a teacher, a records consultant, an archivist, a librarian, a website content developer, a blogger, a database designer, a freelance writer, an essay coach, and a writing tutor.

Why I like tutoring students in writing

When my son struggled with writing in high school because of his special learning challenges, I helped him overcome his fear of writing so that he was comfortable and able to competently complete all writing assignments. When he and his friends went through the college application process I gave them guidance and feedback which allowed them to craft some truly inspirational essays. I love working with someone who “hates” writing or thinks they “can’t” write, and helping them get to a place where they no longer fear it and know what to do when it is time to sit down at the computer.