Welcome to WriteForSuccess! I am a mom, student, teacher, business owner, and word crafter who loves to help others discover the joys of the written word. Whether you are a high school student struggling to complete writing assignments, an aspiring writer,   I have had twenty-five years of professional writing experience in academic, business, non-profit, and freelance settings, and ten years of experience working with middle school and high school students on the writing process.

Student Tutoring and Essay Coaching

Nika has five years of experience working on college application essay coaching for juniors and seniors. Includes how to pick an essay topic, how to try to catch the attention of the admissions officers (and what not to try), how to write in your “own” voice, how to use the essay to highlight your best experiences and abilities, and how to meet the word limits without giving up important content. Experienced with special needs kids and kids with 504’s as well.

Writing and Editing for Businesses & Individuals

Writing tutoring sessions include: how to get thoughts and ideas down on paper, how to write formal essays, how to start and end a paper, how to do revisions, and how to become successful at writing even for those who think they “can’t” write.

Writing Samples

Link to some of my favorite works
Link to student work samples
Link to some of Nika’s own writing


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