Welcome to WriteForSuccess! I am a teacher, student, mom, business owner, and word crafter who loves to help others discover the joys of the written word. Whether you are a student struggling to complete writing assignments,  a high school senior working on college application essays, an aspiring writer looking to hone your skills, or a business professional who needs editorial services, I am happy to help. I have had twenty-five years of professional writing experience in academic, business, non-profit, and freelance settings, and ten years of experience working with middle school and high school students on the writing process. 

My philosophy about writing

When I work with a student, I consider our time together to be akin to a crash course in writing. We look at structure and grammar, content, style, word choice, and writing techniques, as well as how to troubleshoot common problems like how to start, how to end, how to revise, etc. Anyone can become a good writer. Yes anyone! With a little patience, guidance, and practice, anyone can learn to tackle writing assignments without fear or frustration, and feel good about submitting work they can be proud of. One thing I always tell my students is that
Writing is just as precise as any mathematical equation
But you can’t do math without knowing how, and writing is the same way. Many kids I meet don’t know how to go about the process of writing. They know that they are supposed to write a five paragraph essay but when they sit down to write, they stare at the screen without knowing what to say. They get down a rough draft, but then don’t know how to finish it and make it sound great. There are techniques to help you with these things and I look forward to showing them to you!