Business and Individuals

There are two problem areas that I see again and again on business websites.

One is the blog page. Your business is going well, and you start out with a fantastic blog to go with it. But as you start to get really busy, that blog that was supposed to be updated once a month or quarterly is now six months old (or a year or more – yikes!). I have found that it is very effective if you talk out your blog ideas to me, and I translate that conversation into a written blog. You spend 15 minutes to have a conversation and share your thoughts and ideas, and I spend the two hours it takes to transform your ideas into a professionally written blog.

The other common mistake with websites is that people tend to focus on design, on pictures, on colors. While these are definitely important, the actual writing on your website should be top-notch as well. Poorly written material reflects poorly on your business. Wordiness, awkwardness, or even grammatical errors are common. If you think no one has noticed these errors, think again! I see these kinds of errors all the time. It is so important to have someone go through your entire website, and make sure your words are sharp, clean, and clear. A brilliantly worded website will give the right impression. Don’t let the writing on your website be unclear, unimpressive, or unprofessional.